Live Video Revolution: What You Must Know!

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Live Video Revolution: What You Must Know!

Social Media Day SD, 2016

Last week, I attended the Social Media Day conference in San Diego where I was lucky enough to hear all of the world’s foremost authorities on Social Media discuss the latest trends that brands & social media marketers should be aware of.

It’s no surprise that every speaker talked about Video: FB Live, Snapchat & YouTube. There was no mention of Twitter (My, how times have caged) and very little mention of Pinterest. Video was the talk of the town, and for good reason.

Why Video is King


SMDaySD Mari Jenn Jen

With Social Media Experts & Thought Leaders Jenn Herman & Mari Smith at #SMDaySD, 2016.


How to Set Compelling Goals to make 2017 your Best Year Yet!



I love the end of the year, and not just for the awesomeness that comes from celebrating the holidays—time with friends & family, food, festivities and fun. What I love about the end of the year is the clean slate and promise of all the positivity the upcoming year brings.

Here are 6 steps to help set actionable goals—and achieve them—to help make 2017 your best year yet!

1. Reflect

Before you start the New Year, it’s a great practice to review and reflect on what’s happened in the past year in the important areas of your life: your family & relationships, career, finance, health & wellness.

What did you accomplish in the current year that made you proud? What were the most special moments from the last 12 months? Spending time actually reviewing what has happened over the last year will help you make the best decisions and focus on what is important in the year ahead.

2. Look Ahead

Leave any frustrations, regret and negativity behind and stay positive as you move into the year ahead. Instead, be grateful for the successes you’ve had, and carry that positivity with you as you plan for the year ahead.

Write down your “Big Wins” from the past year, and review them for an added boost of confidence as you plan for the year ahead.

3. Plan

During that time of year between Thanksgiving and the New Year, things tend to be a bit slower at work. You know what I’m talking about—people are focused on the holidays, and seem to be a bit checked out. But not you! Oh no, you’re going to use this time to plan for your year ahead.

Allow yourself to dream big! What do you want to accomplish in the coming year, and WHY? What will you work on that will bring you joy? How can you grow in every area of your life?

List your goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound, or SMART for short. This can help you start off your year with clarity and direction.

4. Break it Down Now!

A list of big goals can feel incredibly daunting. You’ll never check anything off of your to-do list if you just have large goals on it. The key to successfully completing these big plans is to chip away at them daily, and that happens when you break them down into manageable tasks.

Once you’ve set your three or four big goals for the year, go through each one and brain-dump everything you can think of that will go in to completing these goals. What are the 2 or 3 next actions you need to take to move those goals forward? These become your weekly or monthly “to-dos” that you can feel good about crossing off your list (like a boss!) as you move closer to achieving your bigger goals.

5. Schedule Your Year

Now that you have established your goal and broken them down into smaller, more manageable tasks, now you have to schedule them to make them happen. If you don’t add what’s important to you to your calendar, you leave yourself open to others taking up too much of your time with their agendas.

I have found that whatever I calendar actually happens, so if I want to see a shift in any area of my life, I have to actually add it to the calendar. Working out, date nights, time with friends, self-care—all of it gets added to the calendar like an agenda item. Same goes for the important daily and weekly tasks needed to move my goals forward. I calendar them to make them real and ensure they actually get done!

6. Take Care of YOU!

I hinted at this above, but part of being productive, successful, and having a great year is taking good care of yourself. Plan time off, take vacations, learn a new skill, or develop a deep expertise in something that interests and excites you. The bottom line is, pay attention to your needs and what you need to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Practice self-care so you can avoid burn-out and maintain focus to accomplish everything you set out to achieve in the new year. I have a “self-care accountability partner” and we check in with each other every 2 weeks to ensure we’re taking good care of ourselves. Sounds silly, but I know she will email me and ask what I did for myself, and I better have an answer! The healthier, more rested and taken care of you are, the more your family, and work will benefit from having the best version of you possible.

This is the perfect time of year to reflect on your achievements from this year, dive into setting your goals for the New Year, and schedule them to make them happen.

Come join us in my Jeneration Entrepreneurs group and share your goals for 2017 so we can help support you along the way!


5 Favorite Finds

Don’tcha just love round-up type emails & posts? I sure do, because they’re such a great way to discover new things that are already “vetted” by someone you trust (well, I hope you trust me!), that you might not have otherwise known about.

This week, I wanted to share with you, my five “tried & true” faves that are on my mind…




#1 Best way to start my day:

Created by a member of our Jeneration Insiders Community, I bought this mug for myself and my social media strategist. Such a simple, fun way to elevate my morning coffee ritual. I make my daily latte in this mug, and feel like I’m ready to conquer the world. Beyoncé would approve! #slay

#2 Go-to energizing snack –

One afternoon during a “kitchen scrounge” as I like to call it (you know… when you visit the fridge and pantry for the 10th time and finally decide to just mix up some concoction to satisfy your hunger?), I came up with this simple snack that gives me a burst of energy and satisfies my afternoon sweet-tooth: Diced apples, a scoop of almond butter, a sprinkle of chia seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes. I also like to add bee pollen, which has a host of health benefits. You can get some from Thrive Market, which is like Amazon for healthy stuff. This snack is quick & easy to make, super-healthy and tastes like crunchy apple cobbler to me. Try it… you’ll love it!

#3 Best way to fall asleep:

UCLA Guided Body Scan Meditation for Sleep:

I totally believe in the power of mediation, but I am admittedly not great at it. It takes consistency and patience. There’s a reason they call it meditation a “practice.”

However, this guided meditation is the best way to guarantee I will fall asleep FAST. The second I hear the woman’s soothing voice say “This is a guided body scan meditation to help you prepare for sleep” my body starts to feel relaxed, and it signals to me it’s time for some shut-eye.

Download it here, listen to this relaxing 13-minute guided meditation, and fall asleep faster than you can say “Ohmmmmmm.”

#4 Best Experience: The Magician at The NoMad (New York) –

Ok, wow. When my husband said we were going to see a magic show while on a recent business trip to NYC, I immediately envisioned a cheesy guy in a polyester suit pulling a scared, old rabbit out of a tattered top hat. WRONG! This show absolutely blew my mind.

The whole show was incredible, start to finish, but Kevin & I were lucky enough to get to be a part of the action! The Magician picked me from the audience as a volunteer. He had me choose any card out of the deck I wanted, and write my name on it. He did a series of tricks where he found my card in impressive ways… and then the real “magic” happened.

At the end of the trick, he grabbed the deck, ran across the room, and threw the deck really hard at the back window. The whole deck of cards went flying everywhere. But stuck to the window was one card. You guessed it: My signed card.

But it was ON THE OUTSIDE of the window…

On the SECOND STORY of the building!!!

Are you kidding me? How did he do that? Seriously, does anyone know how he did that?

If you’re ever in NYC, don’t miss The Magician at the NoMad Hotel. Book early. It’s small and sells out every night.

Here’s my signed card on the outside of the window! Amazing right?


#5 Favorite Podcast-

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Besides being a super-likeable and relatable guy (he loves Back to the Future, all things Lego, and his wife & kids), Pat delivers actionable, tip-driven content each week to help you grow your business using cutting-edge online marketing tactics. Pat is smart, gets the best guests who reveal all of their secrets, and his podcast fires me up each week to optimize my business and set it up for ongoing success.

I love this chat with Tim Ferriss on Productivity, and what Tim would do differently in his business if he started over today. Definitely worth a listen!

So there you have it! My Five Favorite things I wanted to share with you this month.

I’d love to hear from you… Anything you’re loving at the moment that you think I should know about? I love discovering new resources, productivity hacks, business books, experiences, etc. Hit reply and share with me. (I read every single email.)

Let me know what you think when you check out my Five Favorites for yourself!






Jennifer Berson
Jeneration PR


Otis Owl Rolling Luggage Featured Prominently in Heathrows First Ever Television Campaign 


NEW YORK (August 14, 2016) – Last week, Heathrow began airing its first ever television campaign, “First Flight,” celebrating 70 years of flight at the airport. Global lifestyle brand Skip Hop is thrilled to have played a key role in the advertisement. Set to David Bowie’s “When I Live My Dream,” the commercial captures the magic of flying through the eyes of a 5-year-old girl, Harriet, accompanied by her travel companion “Owly,” i.e. Skip Hop’s Otis Owl rolling luggage. Harriet journeys from home to Heathrow and then onto a flight, marveling at all the magic around her with her trusty suitcase by her side.

“As a global brand, we are honored to be included in the Heathrow Airport’s first ever television campaign,” says Ellen Diamant, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Skip Hop. “Our Zoo collection is all about encouraging children’s independence through every milestone. We think Otis Owl makes the perfect ‘first flight’ companion.”

Otis Owl’s star turn should come as no surprise to frequent fliers, who are more than likely to spot Skip Hop’s Zoo Collection in the overhead bins or rolling through the airport concourse. But while Otis Owl Rolling Luggage is already one of Skip Hop’s most popular items, the brand reports that sales of the product have tripled since the commercial began airing.

Jonathan Coen, Heathrow’s Commercial Director said: “The role of our heroine’s luggage was a key position to cast for our first ever television commercial. Otis Owl perfectly complemented the wonder, magic and whimsy of a first flight from Heathrow and we were delighted he could join us for our 70th birthday celebrations.’

Skip Hop’s Otis Owl Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage retails for $35.00 USD and is available at and global retailers. For those traveling to Heathrow, the suitcase may also be purchased at the airport’s Terminal 2’s John Lewis.

ABOUT SKIP HOP INC.: At Skip Hop, we know that the world of new parenthood is a fine balance of being overjoyed and overwhelmed. We’re here to tip that balance with stylish, well-curated products known as “Must-Haves made Better.” Skip Hop products are embraced by families who crave smartly designed, highly functional solutions that simplify decision-making. Founded in 2003 and based in New York City, Skip Hop is one of the best-selling and most globally recognized brands for parents, babies and kids. For more information, visit or join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram by using #skiphop #MustHavesMadeBetter.

ABOUT HEATHROW: Now in its 70th birthday year, Heathrow is the UK’s hub airport, home to more than 80 airlines connecting to more than 180 destinations. Every year Heathrow welcomes over 70 million passengers with a commitment to ‘making every journey better’. Following an investment of more than £11 billion since 2004, passengers have voted Heathrow the ‘Best Airport in Western Europe’, ‘Best Airport Terminal’ for Terminal 5 and ‘Best Airport for Shopping’ 7 years in a row.



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