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How to Prep Like a Badass: The Simple Steps the Experts Take to Get Their Businesses Ready for Press Success

Are you ready for press success?  

You’ve spent the last couple weeks reaching out to reporters, podcasters, and bloggers, trying to get your treasured spot in the media.  This morning, you open up your email and you see that you have received not one, not two, but three really promising responses to your well-written pitch!  {It’s ok… you can do a little happy dance!}

Then, panic immediately sets in. This is what you wanted, but now what?  You don’t know how to respond to their questions and requests!  You didn’t think this far ahead, and insecurities are kicking in fast and hard.

This happens all the time, but take a deep breath because there is a way to avoid this whole situation from happening to you.

Timing is Everything

The worst thing you could do is NOT respond right away!  You worked hard to get that reporter to notice you, and timing is everything.  The sooner you respond, the easier the reporter will remember who you are, and ultimately, the better chances you have at landing the media attention you want.  

Be Prepared   

You can set-up the response process for success by taking some time now to prepare what I like to refer to as the PR Essentials Kit.  This valuable kit should contain detailed information about you, about your product or service, your brand message, and more.  Consider it your quick thinking toolbelt full of easy to grab tools to use when you need them.  With a kit like this in place, your professionalism will make a positive impact and your confidence will boost through the roof!

Knock, knock.  Who’s There?  Opportunity!

Reaching out with your pitch is the first step, responding to interest is the second step.  When someone in the media shows interest in you and your company, they are going to come knocking, and you don’t want to be the person that yells out, “Hold on!  I’m coming!”  You need to be ready to answer that door and show up as the expert that can make knowledgeable comments on recent trends and news stories.  You need to be prepared to offer up comments or interviews in real time via a phone interview or video conference, otherwise, the press will quickly knock on someone else’s door.

The Work isn’t Over

The spotlight has been shifted your way, so now what?  This is the time to start sharing your media exposure everywhere that makes sense, driving traffic to the article, podcast, or blog that featured you and your company.  There are so many more rewards to reap than just on the actual day you are published, and if you’re ready for them, you won’t miss out on any of that.

This all sounds so exciting, but kind of intimidating, right?  Well, it doesn’t have to be!  My PR Essentials Checklist will break things down in order and help you to be ready to grab the many opportunities that will start to become available to you, and ultimately, lead to so many more.  


Click here to grab my PR Essentials Checklist so that you can be press ready, ready to think quickly and open the door when opportunity knocks!  


Stay tuned next week for more talk about planning for press success – this time, we’re going to talk about the importance of being ready for the holidays!


Finally, I want to share one of my favorite quotes (from one of my all-time favorite authors and brilliant minds) because it applies to true Press Success:  

”While a good leader sustains momentum, a great leader increases it.” – John Maxwell.  

You can take advantage of the momentum you create, and increase it rapidly, as long as you are ready for your Press Success!


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