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The Four Expert Secrets for Crafting the Perfect Pitch

If you’ve ever watched a baseball game, you’ve witnessed the art of pitching. The pitcher becomes one with the ball as he shifts it back and forth from his hand to his glove. He gets into position, digging his feet into the pitcher’s mound. He becomes intensely laser-focused on his purpose, before throwing the ball and immediately shifting his focus to catching the return. Preparation for public relations success is very similar to the preparation of a successful baseball pitch.

Get into Position

If you want to score for your team, you must first position yourself in the right way. Just like the pitcher prepares, you also have to become one with the ball, and by this, I mean that you must know your story and you must be able to tell it in a way that captivates. Your story positions you as an expert, but it is important to make it personal, intentional, and inspirational. Think about these elements when you are preparing your pitch, and dig deep into that pitcher’s mound to uncover the story that you want to tell to stand apart from the masses.

Your Brand is a Big Deal

A big part of your story that you are going to tell in your pitch is your brand. When representing your brand to the media, focus on the benefits of your products and services. So many people get caught up in presenting the features (i.e. “this is what is included if you buy my services”) and lose scope of the benefits (the results – “this is the transformation you can expect if you use my product”). It’s the benefits that will make the score for your team.

It’s Personal

When you’re writing your pitch, make it specific and personal. Never send out generic mass pitches with a “Dear Blogger” or “To Whom It May Concern” address. A successful pitch will be tailored and targeted. Let them know that you are familiar with their work and be specific when mentioning which publication you see as the best fit.

Get Ready to Catch the Ball

You want the batter to swing at the ball, so end your message with a call to action. Offer samples or a high resolution image. Make yourself available for an interview or to provide expert tips and strategies. Suggest how to incorporate your idea into your publication. I have written and sent pitches offering to write and provide the article that I wanted to be used. It was that exact call to action which resulted in my feature placement in Forbes, adding so much value to my press portfolio.

These key elements will help you get into position and improve your overall game, ready to catch that return. To learn more about writing the perfect pitch, check out my interview with Amy Porterfield on her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast episode 169. Be sure to grab the “freebie” download and learn my formula for crafting the perfect pitch!

Stay tuned next week where’ I’ll dive into more tips and tricks on how you can be ready when opportunity knocks on your door!  

And remember, when it comes to your marketing pitch strategy, “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the park. Aim for the company of immortals.” – David Ogilvy


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