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5 Favorite Finds

Don’tcha just love round-up type emails & posts? I sure do, because they’re such a great way to discover new things that are already “vetted” by someone you trust (well, I hope you trust me!), that you might not have otherwise known about.

This week, I wanted to share with you, my five “tried & true” faves that are on my mind…




#1 Best way to start my day:

Created by a member of our Jeneration Insiders Community, I bought this mug for myself and my social media strategist. Such a simple, fun way to elevate my morning coffee ritual. I make my daily latte in this mug, and feel like I’m ready to conquer the world. Beyoncé would approve! #slay

#2 Go-to energizing snack –

One afternoon during a “kitchen scrounge” as I like to call it (you know… when you visit the fridge and pantry for the 10th time and finally decide to just mix up some concoction to satisfy your hunger?), I came up with this simple snack that gives me a burst of energy and satisfies my afternoon sweet-tooth: Diced apples, a scoop of almond butter, a sprinkle of chia seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes. I also like to add bee pollen, which has a host of health benefits. You can get some from Thrive Market, which is like Amazon for healthy stuff. This snack is quick & easy to make, super-healthy and tastes like crunchy apple cobbler to me. Try it… you’ll love it!

#3 Best way to fall asleep:

UCLA Guided Body Scan Meditation for Sleep:

I totally believe in the power of mediation, but I am admittedly not great at it. It takes consistency and patience. There’s a reason they call it meditation a “practice.”

However, this guided meditation is the best way to guarantee I will fall asleep FAST. The second I hear the woman’s soothing voice say “This is a guided body scan meditation to help you prepare for sleep” my body starts to feel relaxed, and it signals to me it’s time for some shut-eye.

Download it here, listen to this relaxing 13-minute guided meditation, and fall asleep faster than you can say “Ohmmmmmm.”

#4 Best Experience: The Magician at The NoMad (New York) –

Ok, wow. When my husband said we were going to see a magic show while on a recent business trip to NYC, I immediately envisioned a cheesy guy in a polyester suit pulling a scared, old rabbit out of a tattered top hat. WRONG! This show absolutely blew my mind.

The whole show was incredible, start to finish, but Kevin & I were lucky enough to get to be a part of the action! The Magician picked me from the audience as a volunteer. He had me choose any card out of the deck I wanted, and write my name on it. He did a series of tricks where he found my card in impressive ways… and then the real “magic” happened.

At the end of the trick, he grabbed the deck, ran across the room, and threw the deck really hard at the back window. The whole deck of cards went flying everywhere. But stuck to the window was one card. You guessed it: My signed card.

But it was ON THE OUTSIDE of the window…

On the SECOND STORY of the building!!!

Are you kidding me? How did he do that? Seriously, does anyone know how he did that?

If you’re ever in NYC, don’t miss The Magician at the NoMad Hotel. Book early. It’s small and sells out every night.

Here’s my signed card on the outside of the window! Amazing right?


#5 Favorite Podcast-

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Besides being a super-likeable and relatable guy (he loves Back to the Future, all things Lego, and his wife & kids), Pat delivers actionable, tip-driven content each week to help you grow your business using cutting-edge online marketing tactics. Pat is smart, gets the best guests who reveal all of their secrets, and his podcast fires me up each week to optimize my business and set it up for ongoing success.

I love this chat with Tim Ferriss on Productivity, and what Tim would do differently in his business if he started over today. Definitely worth a listen!

So there you have it! My Five Favorite things I wanted to share with you this month.

I’d love to hear from you… Anything you’re loving at the moment that you think I should know about? I love discovering new resources, productivity hacks, business books, experiences, etc. Hit reply and share with me. (I read every single email.)

Let me know what you think when you check out my Five Favorites for yourself!




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