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Insider Marketing Tips from THE Go-To Social Media Expert

When I created Jeneration Insiders, I wanted it to be the best online community for entrepreneurs anywhere. I set out to answer tough questions and give the absolute best advice & strategies to our members to help them grow their brands and businesses.

I’m the first to admit when I’m not the best source of info on a topic, but what I KNOW I’m good at is opening my Rolodex (wait, does anyone even say Rolodex anymore?) ok, turning to my network of contacts, and inviting the top authority on a subject to weigh-in and give us the most up-to-date and strategic advice available. So when we got a bunch of super-good questions about Social Media from several of our smarty-pants community members I did just that.

Insider Marketing Tips from THE Go-To Social Media Expert // Jen Berson

I’m so stoked to have Jenn Herman from Jenn’s Trends as a guest expert in this week’s exclusive training video. She’s THE go-to Social Media expert, and answers all of the questions we got from our Insiders last week! Because two Jens (well technically a Jen and a Jenn!) are better than one, right?!

In this video Jenn shares some killer tips & best practices for Social Media, including:

+ What is the best way to use hashtags? I bet you’ve never heard this answer before!

+ Ideal time of day to post? It’s not what you think!

+ How do you work with each platform’s algorithm to get optimal reach? Jenn dishes all!

According to one of our community members, “Wow… Jenn know’s her sh*t!”

It’s a great discussion—packed with value that I know you’ll love, so check it out!

Insider Marketing Tips from THE Go-To Social Media Expert // Jen Berson

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