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Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Business for the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is almost in full swing, and if nothing else, this is the one time a year when you want to be top of mind to potential customers. Cut through the seasonal clutter and promote your business in these four easy ways:

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These are the two days a year when you know customers will be shopping – and looking for deals.  Don’t count yourself out.  Let prospective customers know about it in advance via email and social media.

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It can be overwhelming for shoppers to complete their gift lists, and often, recipients slip through the cracks.  How often have you forgotten to get a gift for the babysitter, or a co-worker, etc.? Make specific gift suggestions for various recipients via email marketing and/or social media.  Creating Instagram pics with specific gifts and even gift packaging laid out personalized to various recipients, is a great visual (and reminder) for potential customers. 

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Unable to offer a discount outside of Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? Incentivize customers with an “extra” – anything from free shipping to complimentary gift wrap goes a long way and gives you another reason to check in with your email list / social media followers.

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There are always consumers who wait until the last minute or leave people off their lists and scramble for a gift at the eleventh hour.  Help those customers with resources like emails clearly outlining your shipping windows for the holidays (for example, order by XX to receive by YY).  If you can swing it, offer upgraded shipping closer to Christmas as an added incentive. 


Take the guess-work out of gifting and give your customers gift suggestions by adding a “Gift Guide”section to your website. Group products by price (“Gifts under $25,”  “Stocking Stuffers”, etc.) and curate gift suggestions by recipients and their interests (“Gifts for your sister,” “Gifts for the chef”). Then, all of your online promotional efforts can promote your gift guide link to ensure customers are seeing the best of what you have to offer this holiday season.

Follow these tips to make the most of this busy buying season. Here’s to a successful Q4!

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