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4 Easy Ways to Make Yourself a Priority

Stop Making Excuses & Start Making Time

Carpool and conference calls and commitments, oh my! We get it, you’re busy. Trying to find time for yourself while working or running a business & caring for your family, is certainly no easy feat.

Many people think that carving out time for yourself when running a business is a myth, or isn’t important. How can it be achieved when you have so many seemingly endless commitments competing for your attention?

Well, I used to believe it would never happen until I took steps to ensure that I was getting ‘my time,’ and getting enough of it. Being proactive and realizing that I needed time to switch-off was a big step, and one which has completely transformed my way of working.

So, how can you carve out much-needed me-time?

Schedule it in:

The first step in getting time for myself involves my calendar. Quite simply, if I don’t schedule it in my calendar, then it will never happen. I block out at least 30 minutes a day to do something that isn’t tied to work or family. Enjoying something I love, that falls outside these two crazy worlds, is truly refreshing.

Choose what you really love:

Knowing that I can do something that I absolutely love makes me anticipate time for myself even more! Whether it’s a welcome hike to enjoy fresh air & nature, reading a magazine, meditating (it’s not as crazy or hard as it seems!), or simply sitting outside with a glass of wine, choosing my passions makes them a welcome distraction from the strains of everyday working life.

Don’t feel guilty taking the day off:

We all need time off to completely refocus, rebalance and reset our priorities. Whether for personal or professional reasons, there have been occasions when I have felt guilty taking a day off from work (and I’ve paid for it later.) Snap out of this way of thinking and treat a day off as the mental and physical space that you  need & deserve. Guilt is unproductive, so don’t let it stand in the way of some necessary down-time.

If you’re like me, you will probably experience a momentary panic when you return to the office – the email! the voicemail! the deadlines! – but after a guilt-free day off, you’ll feel refreshed and raring to go!

Keep health and wellbeing at the forefront:

Above anything, it is important to keep your physical and mental health at the forefront of your mind. With everyone rushing at a million miles an hour, we don’t take time to stop and listen to what our bodies are telling us. My personal time will always involve stepping away from the digital devices, banning the junk food we use to give us a temporary boost (hey, wine doesn’t count!), and getting outside to experience fresh air, sunlight and total calm. If you see me hiking at Runyon Canyon here in LA on a weekday, you know it was time for a quick re-set so I could get back to “life” feeling refreshed and recharged. Hope to see you out there taking time for yourself, too!

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How do you carve out time for yourself? Share your tips and thoughts with me!

 4 Easy Ways to Make Yourself a Priority // Jeneration PR

 4 Easy Ways to Make Yourself a Priority // Jeneration PR

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