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Top 10 PR & Social Media Insider Tips That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Every week on Instagram, I share my top “Pro Tips” to help you understand PR & Social Media to get the most out of your own marketing efforts. For this month’s “Jen’s 10,” I pulled my top Pro Tips to give you all of my insider tricks & know-how for promoting your brand.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

10: Hire an SEO Expert:

Today, we “Google” first before we buy. Level up your SEO — Search Engine Optimization — expertise, or hire an expert, to make sure that your business reaches the thousands who are searching for exactly what you provide!

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9.  Make Things Personal:

Don’t shy away from making things personal. Take the time to ask and listen to your customers. Send birthday gifts or thoughtful surprises at random. You’ll change faceless customers into loyal friends & fans in no time.

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8. Media is Permanent:

During an interview, anything you say is “on the record.” Anything that is posted online is forever searchable. Make sure that you say what you mean, since sarcasm and subtleties can make it easy for your words to be taken out of context.

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7. Buzzwords are Tired & Overused:

Instead of trotting out overused adjectives, be very clear about your product and its benefits by avoiding jargon and using common terms.

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6. Timing is Everything:

Do your homework and know the correct lead times for the outlets you are pitching. If not, you might miss opportunities. (See Pro Tip #5!)

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5. Know Your Lead Times:

Around here, we’re already planning for Fall & Back to School! As PR pro, you spend your time living in a different season depending on which outlet you’re pitching. As a small business owner, you want to start thinking the same way for your own PR and marketing efforts. Here’s a handy guide to know your pitch lead times so you don’t miss any opportunities!

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4. Don’t Get Caught Copying + Pasting:

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than sending an email with the wrong name… especially when you’re trying to pitch your product or idea. While sometimes it makes sense to repurpose communications – but NEVER to mass pitch, that’s a big PR “don’t” – you want to always make sure that you’re personalizing them to the person/publication you’re pitching!

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3. Perfect Your Pitch

When you’re pitching your brand, be sure to identify an outlet that would be interested + the correct person at that outlet who covers stories similar to your own. Do your homework and have specific reasons why they’d be the perfect person to tell your story. (Don’t forget to read some of the writer’s articles, it’s always nice to reference their work so that they know you’re a fan!)

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2. Getting Social Right:

Few things look worse than an oblivious company posting on Facebook about their latest sale or highjacking a hashtag just as news of a tragic event is unfolding. Make sure you’re up-to-speed before you jump on a trending topic on social media!

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1. Essentials for Writing a Press Release:

Don’t add to the inbox “noise!” Follow these simple tips to ensure your press release is read & understood.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.04.41 PM

We hope these tips help you understand best practices when promoting your brand to the media, or through your own social media channels. There’s nothing more satisfying than a successful PR campaign that results in increased visibility and sales for your brand.  Implement these Pro Tips, and you’re well on your way!

Top 10 PR & Social Media Insider Tips That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Top 10 PR & Social Media Insider Tips That Will Make Your Business Stand Out

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