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Three Tips for Spreading Cheer to Your Customers this Holiday Season

Three Tips for Spreading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

But even as presents are being wrapped, eggnog is being spiked, and Michael Buble’s Christmas songs are dominating the airwaves (not complaining), not everything is slowing down as the year comes to a close. Your business isn’t taking a break.

Nor should it.

Because you have plenty of loyal, satisfied customers who want to engage with you—and purchase your products and services—all year-round!

In the midst of all of this holiday busyness, take some time to think about those customers and share some holiday cheer with them! Here’s just three ways you can sincerely wish a happy holidays to your biggest fans:

Send Snail Mail

I’m sure you’re no stranger to staying connected with your customers—sending regular email newsletters, responding to them on social media, and making sure you’re customer support team is fully staffed.

But when’s the last time you sent your customers something in the mail? And I don’t mean a catalog or a promotional card—when’s the last time you sent your customers something fun…just because they’re loyal customers?

The holidays are a great opportunity to show your biggest fans that you recognize them and you’re thankful for them! Share a holiday card with a small gift or a discount with your customers to remind them of how much they mean to you and your business.

Be Readily Available

Everything seems to slow down a bit during the holidays, as people take time off to travel across the country, visiting family and exchanging gifts.

But just because your email inbox isn’t as full as it usually is doesn’t mean you should take a break from (your excellent, I’m sure) customer service responsibilities.

Even as they visit with family, fill their bellies with food, and unwrap presents, your customers (and customers-to-be) will be reaching out to you—make sure your team is properly staffed to respond to comments and complaints and answer questions, in order to head off any marketing-related emergencies at the pass.

Or, if your team is also taking some time off for the holidays, be communicative and clear with your customers upfront about when you’ll be back online—or on the phones—ready to engage with them.

Ask Their Opinion

In his book, The Thank You Economy, Gary Vaynerchuk profiles AJ Bombers, a Milwaukee-based burger joint that doubled their revenue in seven months by listening to their customers and speaking their language. He says: “…the best way to get customers to care passionately about [your] business is to let the customers help [you] build it”.

And the end of the year is a perfect time for reflection on your business! So, go to your customers to find out what’s worked well for them and what you could do better. Ask what products they’d like to see, how they most like to connect with you; seek to make them feel like a part of your business and build a sense of community—not just a marketplace—around the products and services you provide.

The easiest way to get customer feedback is by sharing a survey or asking them outright on Facebook or Twitter. And then, when you have their thoughts, genuinely consider what they have to say! As you make changes or move in a new direction in the new year, remember to share with your customers how they’re helping to steer the ship, because that’s how much their opinion means to you.

I guarantee it will mean the world to them.

How are you celebrating your customers this holiday season? Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

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